Organizing a golf event is not easy. However, it is possible to end up with a successful golf tournament if you plan well. There are number of things you should consider when planning your event. These include:

I) Purpose

Determine the purpose of the event. Would you like to tournament to be a fundraising event, networking event, competition or public relations event? Do not hold a golf tournament because every other organization is holding one.  Have a specific purpose or goal you would like to achieve from holding the tourney.

II) Get help

The next step is to staff your golf tournament. You cannot do everything on your own. Get some volunteers to help you with various aspects of planning. Find out from your employees of business partners whether they would want to volunteer in different committees in charge of organizing the tournament.


III)          Tournament format

Consider the caliber of players you will be expecting to know the right format for your tournament. The success of the tournament may depend on the format you will go for.  Scramble is usually good for beginner golfers while best ball format is preferred by more experienced players. You can also have a modified scramble if you will be having both experienced and beginner golfers. For more info about golf, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/golf/.

IV) Golf course

Take time to find the best golf course for your tournament. The quality of play at the tournament will depend with the golf course you choose. Consider the preference of majority of players when selecting a golf course. For example, players may prefer new, easy, difficult, traditional or private golf courses, visit GCoftheEverglades.com here!

V) Find sponsors

You should know how to sell your event to sponsors. You will get majority of your profit from sponsorships. The more sponsors you manage to bring on board, the higher your profits will be. Look for companies that are in your industry or that believe in your cause. You can also leverage the existing relationship you may have with vendors and suppliers to get them to sponsor your tournament.

VI) Recruit golfers

You also need to find golfers for the event. Otherwise, there will be nothing for people to come and watch. Contact different golfers months before the tournament to find out whether they would like to participate. Make sure you provide incentives to the golfers.


You can have a great golf tournament by following the six tips above, check it out!


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